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This blog will monitor my independent study on fashion theory.  It will function as a way to reflect upon readings provided by my advisor and also as a way to seek out additional information through a variety of multimedia sources.  Initially, I sought to to divide the semester between fashion and anti-fashion, but I quickly, if not immediately, realized the fallacy in separating two elements engaged in such a symbiotic relationship.  As the semester passed, I decided to look at social aspects of fashion, then gender more specifically, and finally, androgyny, which will ultimately be the focus of my final paper, which I intend to post on my blog.  Some additional questions and topics I find intriguing that I may or may not touch upon include: What makes an item fashionable? Who is fashionable, now and historically and why? How is fashion disseminated? What is the separation between fashion and art? How has the role of fashion changed historically and why? What does fashion convey about a person? Has the change and growth of the fashion industry altered society?  Gender roles, Sexuality, Self-expression, identity and fashion, Relation of the body to fashion, Prevalence and importance of brands and logos in popular culture, Fashion in film, Emergence of street style, Modesty and fashion, Extreme fashion, Examine speed of fashion trends, now and throughout history, Emergence of haute couture. Fashion globalization and fashion bloggers.  The DIY movement. What is the purpose of anti-fashion? How different is anti-fashion from fashion? Do anti-fashion movements reveal similar social trends? Is fashion problematic? Is anti-fashion a contradiction in that it encompasses elements of classic fashions? Is anti-fashion a more inclusive, umbrella term than fashion? Breakdown of subcultural fashion movements, Pinpoint the cause and effect of various anti-fashion movements in relation to one another, Examine instances where anti-fashion might be regarded as high fashion, Shock value and fashion.

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“Model on the runway.” Photo. 21 March 2011.

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  1. Sofia says:

    I’ve been looking for a fashion blog which interrogates a wide range of issues, particularly the ways in which identity is constructed via clothing. I’m so excited to have come across your blog and look forward to reading through it thoroughly. I wondered if you’ve come across or recommend any fashion blogs that are based in theory, criticism, analysis, what have you. You’re suggestions will be much appreciated!

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